Areas of actions

statutory unit

Coordinator: Paolo Cerabolini

  • focus on R&D
  • paths on industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, space economy, circular economy
  • Focus Groups on technological topics

Coordinator of all thematic areas: Carlo Valerio

Supply Chain and Industry
Coordinator: Nadia Crespi

  • knowledge and best practices among members
  • e-scouting platform
  • it develops specific paths that best qualify SMEs in international supply chains: certifications, Lean Manufacturing, KPI, contracts, product insurance…
  • Industrial Performance project

Coordinator: Sabrina Merletti

  • it increases visibility and competitiveness of SMEs on the global market
  • organization of the joined partecipation of Cluster and companies in international airshos  and B2Bs

Education and Human Capital
Coordinator: Alba Ciserani

  • it improves the study paths related to the sector with local technical institutes
  • it refines the second level training with local universities
  • it updates the staff of the members through company training

Business Networking
Coordinator: Massimo Maronati

  • it supports SMEs in creating business opportunities with other Clusters’ SMEs
  • organization of Cluster2Cluster events with participation of SMEs from both side
  • developing contacts with cross-sectorial Clusters