Vision & Mission


To provide the Lombardian aerospace system with a united, visible and identifiable collective identity, in constant communication with the outside world.
To be the interface with Institutions and third parties about initiatives involving the Cluster as a whole (large companies, SMEs, universities, research centres).


To support and expand the excellence of the Lombardian aerospace and space industry through the creation of a network of large companies, SMEs, knowledge system and institutional subjects, which can safeguard the knowledge in the region.


To foster innovation, the key feature of the Cluster, and promote support for research programs, especially towards SMEs.


To stimulate the competitive growth of SMEs through the sharing of technological scenarios, the aggregation and development of shared projects.


To modernize the supply chain to ensure the competitiveness of SMEs towards major international players.


To promote the productive system and encourage the participation in national and international airshows, in order to increase SMEs’ competitiveness.


To strengthen the role of institutional representative towards Regione Lombardia with regard to industrial, national and European politics in the aerospace sector.