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R&D, knowledge, execution and innovation: the keys to our success.

Lombardia Aerospace Cluster is a recognized association founded in 2009 by 8 companies of the sector and Unione degli Industriali della Provincia di Varese (local Confindustria branch) and today represents the Lombardian aerospace system in its complexity: more than 220 companies for around 19,300 employees, generating around 5.8 billion euros of annual turnover and an export around 1 billion euros. At the historical industrial presence, we must add 4 universities and 2 research centres.

Since the beginning, the Cluster has been working to develop its own vision as a Lombardian aerospace system, i.e. developing a united and collective identity in this sector, constantly evolving through national and international networking, innovation and competitive growth.

On a practical level, Lombardia Aerospace Cluster is divided into 5 areas of action: the Technical-Scientific Board, which develops an R&D long-term strategic vision, and 4 Working Groups: Supply Chain, Internationalization, Business Networking and Education & Training, which activate specific programs and paths dedicated to the growth of SMEs.

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3 complete production chains


The Lombardian helicopter sector is composed by specialized SMEs with a high technological and innovative level.
They cooperate with medium/large TIER 1 (system assemblers) companies, also active on international markets, and the big players (OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing) of the supply chain that make a wide range of helicopters: from single-engine light machines to heavy multi-engine vehicles, both for civil and military use.


Small and medium-sized companies producing components, system assemblers (TIER 1), big players at international level: the Lombardian fixed-wing supply chain produces a complete range of military training aircraft: from single-engine propeller, to mono and twin-engine jets, to integrated systems for advanced pre-operation training.


The space supply chain includes the complete production of satellites with scientific payloads for Earth observation or space exploration.
The sector is characterized by the presence of a strong integration of producers with land infrastructure and downstream services.